Trading Guide

• START TRADING straight away — don’t wait until you’re in credit — if everyone did this we’d never have got started!! • BE PROFESSIONAL in your approach to trading • STATE CLEARLY what you want when leaving answerphone or text messages . . . . and always RETURN calls or texts promptly • NEGOTIATE your terms and conditions clearly before trading • ALWAYS DO A TRANSACTION (even if it's a swap) — this gives confidence and impetus to other members • BE PROACTIVE — respond to ‘WANTS’ as well as ‘OFFERS’ • BE REALISTIC — only offer what you can honour • Keep your 'PROFILE' and ‘OFFERS’ and ‘WANTS’ up to date • COME toTrading Socials to stay in touch — bring home-made food/crafts, items to sell, and any relevant leaflets.

Socials are sometimes in members' homes, sometimes in public venues

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